Philip Levine (1928-2015)

For my money, Levine was the most underrated stylist in 20th century English Language Poetry. His distrust of the grace note-of the false, grandiloquent crescendo that poets often use to masks flaws in their work-was one of the chief reasons that I found his poetry so graceful: every rendering moment he had on the page seemed earned. He had a lot of … Continue reading

SAY BOBBY, WHERE AND WHEN WILL YOU BE READING(or conducting workshops and giving lectures)?

Good question! March 4th: Slam Of Steel(Sponsored by Big Tree Arts), Boise, ID. March 27th: APRIL’s Poet, Playwright, Novelist, Drag Queen, Seattle, WA. March 31st: Salon Skid Row, Portland OR. ( with Stevie Edwards, Carrie Seitzinger, and Matty Byloos) April 11th: Eugene Poetry Slam,  Eugene, OR. April 23-25th: Chemetka Community College, Salem OR. May 1st: … Continue reading

On Franzen This isn’t the first time Jonathan Franzen’s popped off about writers he hasn’t read( or read that well). His essay about Edith Wharton-where he boiled her art to her being an “ugly” woman who wrote mean spirited descriptions of hotties to see them bite the bullet; and wrote characters who were dislikeable because they weren’t in … Continue reading

The Marshawn Problem.

It is amazing that in this season of Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and Adrian Peterson, the ONE black athlete that so many media people ended up being concerned about (in regards to setting a bad example for black youth) was the Running Back who didn’t want to be a trained seal for reporters. It doesn’t matter how much money he gives to … Continue reading