The Marshawn Problem.

th5FAUAZ0E It is amazing that in this season of Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and Adrian Peterson, the ONE black athlete that so many media people ended up being concerned about (in regards to setting a bad example for black youth) was the Running Back who didn’t want to be a trained seal for reporters. It doesn’t matter how much money he gives to his community. It doesn’t matter how many lives he touches, improves and doesn’t preen or demand credit for doing so, MARSHAWN is setting a bad example SIMPLY because he doesn’t want to be a trained seal for reporters. Do you think he’s setting a bad example? Then what example is the majority white male media setting when they say give Ray Rice another chance because he has been gracious and charming in interviews?…/eric-winston-nfl-made-up…/ What example are people setting when the outrage over Jamesis Winston admitting he raped a woman has been muted and focused on his skills on throwing a football?…/jameis-winston-testimony-moaning…/ What example are people setting when they are apathetic about Kobe Bryant resurgence in popularity after his rape trial in which he admitted sex wasn’t consensual and said that he “should have paid her off like Shaq” What is the example that the vast majority of white American sports fans are setting when they show that primary thing that they care about is that they are good at sports ball and are gracious darkies to reporters? But no, keep telling them that Marshawn’s vested interest in their life doesn’t matter and the only thing that does is that he (and they) act like obedient seals to a right wing frat boy media corps. That they can commit any crime under the Tuscan sun as long as they don’t speak in a way that makes you uncomfortable. You’re not being a totally patronizing fraud( and I’m saying this as a former “At risk Kid” you are so concerned about). Right. Wonderful. Bye.


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