SAY BOBBY, WHERE AND WHEN WILL YOU BE READING(or conducting workshops and giving lectures)?

cropped-twitter.jpg Good question!

March 4th: Slam Of Steel(Sponsored by Big Tree Arts), Boise, ID.

March 27th: APRIL’s Poet, Playwright, Novelist, Drag Queen, Seattle, WA.

March 31st: Salon Skid Row, Portland OR. ( with Stevie Edwards, Carrie Seitzinger, and Matty Byloos)

April 11th: Eugene Poetry Slam,  Eugene, OR.

April 23-25th: Chemetka Community College, Salem OR.

May 1st: Salmon Slam( Cascadia Poetry Festival) , Nanaimo, BC.

May 2nd: Cascadia Afterparty( Cascadia Poetry Festival), Nanaimo, BC.

May 3rd: Chicken Sessions #14( Verses Festival Of Words), Vancouver, BC.

May 14th: Poetry at The Good Shepherd Center, Seattle WA  (with Robinson Bolkum, Susan Casey, Nancy Dahlberg, Victoria Ford, Kristen McHenry, Raul Sanchez, David Thornbrugh).

May 15th: Poetry And Pie Night, Buffalo, NY

June 4th Zippy’s Java Lounge, Everett, WA.

June 26th-28th: Chuckanut Writers Conference (Whatcom Community College):  Bellingham, WA. There will be more if I can get them. Email or Facebook me if you want me to read for you!


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