A Final, Bitter Word On The Primary

My final decision in regards to this election is that I will vote for the person who comes out of the primary; but I will not vote for a presidential candidate in the primary. My vote will not be because I am passionate about who comes out of this food fight. My vote will be for the person who has the best chance to save women’s reproductive rights, and will stop whatever nightmarish additions to the new Jim Crow system that will happen if a republican president gets elected. Because of Hilary’s admiration for Kissinger, de facto rehiring of Mark Penn and defense of Albright’s quotes, that candidate will most likely be Bernie Sanders. (And I repeat, several people I know and care for are voting for Bernie for very principled reasons, and I would never shame them for their decision. In my heart, I hope they are right.)


What has also not changed is my fear that sexism will destroy this progressive movement just like destroyed every progressive movement before. The people so screamingly in denial over the Bernie bro phenomenon have not only not talked to that many Clinton supporters, they do not understand the historical resonances of their behavior. In SNCC , it was men telling feminists that the movement didn’t have a problem, even after Stokely Carmichael’s response to a position paper on how sexism was damaging the effectiveness of sub groups was to say that the position of women in the movement was to be prone( on their backs). With the Panthers, it was men telling feminists to overlook the facts that Huey and Eldridge were drug addicts, murderers and rapists. With the SDS, it was men telling women to forget how their subgroups terrorized feminists activist( the Redstockings), and how Bill Ayers spent his 20’s as a wanna be pimp.


Yes, #notallmen in those groups were terrible. Yes, there were noble ideals in all three of them. But each of them were destroyed because men could not hear the world no. Each of them were trashed because men were more afraid of women back talking them than they the dynamics of structural and economic oppression. Each of them were destroyed because “good” people were so averse to leading the slightest of an examined life, that any question about their beliefs or convictions was interpreted as an attack on them.


And now-with the progressive left in the forefront of an election for the first time in over 40 years-here we are. Every single Clinton supporter I know has been bombarded and abused by Bernie Bros; every single non white male writer I know who has had the faintest question about Sanders political revolution has been trolled by Bernie Bros; and people still have the goddamned nerve to tell me that Bernie doesn’t have a problem with his male supporters.


And yes, the Clinton campaign muted Bernie’s problem by bullying every woman voting for him. And yes, people are likely to get away with belligerently demanding that Black people vote for Bernie sanders (even though he voted for the same draconian Clinton crime bill and voted for gun loopholes that funneled weapons into inner cities all across this country). But I repeat and specify a warning of mine: they can’t verbally shank the 55 percent of White Women who voted for Romney in 2012, like they shank the Obama coalition. Dear god, the Sanders coalition has some of the most spiteful, spoiled, and problematic groups of liberals I have ever seen, and to be in denial of that takes a willful ignorance that borders on laboring.
This is about as much as I can take-in regards to politics-for a while.


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