On Michael Fortner and The Last Two Weeks.


Growing up on hilltop, I wanted cops to not frisk me for no reason and not feel my balls. I wanted them to to their job. I didn’t want them to die. I realize how the police worked with the Hilltop action coalition to make my community safer.

This book is misread as a defense of tough on crime on policies and not a historical document on how so many black neighborhoods begged police to do anything to stop crime in their neighborhoods( and how the police did nothing for them). It serves as much a riposte to the right wing cops/cop defenders who paint black america as a cop hating sewer as it it a response to liberal academics; and it has been in my head the past few months.

I have more sympathies to good cops than most people, but so, so many of them talk and act like gang members, and that makes any reasonable meeting ground impossible. But so does any equivocation of their deaths. I despair for this country and my own life on so many levels.


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