Dave Chappelle: American Bro.


I thought of this skit when hearing Dave Chappelle protesteth too much about Key and Peele.

What did i think about the specials? In the times when he wasn’t trying to be Americas creepy old hipster black friend from the frat, he could be hilarious. In the times he wasn’t being hilarious, he was being America’s creepy old hipster black friend from the frat. Which is flawed enough but take into account that Chappelle has spent half a generation publicly breaking and braying like a wounded sparrow about his feelings when the frat humor at his show was directed at him. And after all that to come back as homophobic and transphobic as any southern republican congressman. And to make the rape joke on SNL a week after we elected a rapist as president. Is Chappelle completely useless as an artist? No, but he’s a fucking coward. And he’s projecting on Key and Peel his own greatest weakness: that he can dish it out, but sure as hell can’t take it.

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