“THAT WORK” ( Or-as some folks say-Curriculum Vitae)


1950 Fraser Street Apt. 301

Bellingham, WA 98229

(360) 483-7192



The Homeboy Songs (Small Doggies Press, April 2014).


Funeral Blues For Whitney, Chunky Brother Love Poem,

( No Regrets, Winter 2013)

A Prayer For A Hilltop Epiphany

(Your Hands Your Mouth, Issue 9: Spring 2011)

Hymn To A Basement Hair Salon

( No Regrets, Fall 2009)

To The Homeboys Who Ride Their Bikes Past The Dope houses On State Street, 23rd Street Anthem(then titled,“ Homeboy Watches Dope Fiends Go By”)

( No Regrets, Spring 2009)

Anti Elegy

( Feminenete, Summer, 2008)

Blues For Big Momma

( Feminenete, Winter 2008)


Three Poems:

* Song For Mrs Eulalah,

*Portrait Of Mrs Mcdaniels And Her Winter Beets( As The Block Gets Too Fucking Hot),

*Big Daddy’s Lament For Big Momma.  (Cascadia Review, May 2015

The Seven People God Couldn’t Kill In The Flood,  Shermed Old Piru’s Who Can’t See The Sun In Late December ( Drunk In A Midnight Choir, Feb 2015)

To Thomas, On The Day He Found God And Apologized For Forcing Me To Give Him Head ( Drunk In A Midnight Choir, Nov 2014)

Stoned Survivors Love Ballad,  (Drunk In A Midnight Choir, October 2014)

Elegy For A Skipping Circle (A Block In Front Of First Baptist And A Piru Set Trip) 1992: ( Drunk In A Midnight Choir, June 2014)

Three Poems:

*Thirteen Different Ways of Looking At A Motherfucker At The Club,

*How To Not Think About Slavery While Listening To Three Six Mafia, *11th and Tacoma Avenue, The Morning Of Pride Parade, 15 Days After Jermaine Smoked Himself Away

( Drunk In A Midnight Choir, Feb 2014)

Poetry Suite: Nailed Magazine

* Gang Banger Baptism

*In The Morning, Before Uncle Moe’s Special Friend Had To Leave

*The Gang House Garden Thief’s Love Ballad

*If a Black Bird Moves as a Cop Grabs Your Crotch, Does it Really Make a Sound?

( Nailed, Feb 2014)


Thirteen Different Ways Of Looking At A Motherfucker In The Club,  The Little White Dude With The DJ Quik Jheri Curl,

(Make It True, Leaf Press, 2015)

23rd Street Anthem, Anti Elegy, To The Homeboys Who Ride Their Bikes Past The Dope houses On State Street.

( Many Trails To The Summit, Rose Alley Press, 2010)


Reader, Panelist, and Lecturer,  Chuckanut Writers Conference, June 2015

Feature and Lecturer, Chemeteka Community College, April 2015

Reader, APRIL Literary Festival, March 2015

Opening Reader/Panelist,  Bordersongs Festival, Western Literary Association, November 2014

AWP READING: Small Doggies Press / Lazy Fascist / Two Dollar Radio / NAILED Magazine( Feb, 2014)

Page Meets Stage Reading/Panel: Individual World Poetry Slam (October, 2013)

Featured Reader, Lit Mustest: Goddard College ( May, 2013)

Featured Reader, Seattle Central Community College Presents: Phi Theta Kappa Art Show Fundraiser ( Mar, 2013)

Feature Reader: Bouldering Poets, University of Naropa ( Nov, 2012)

Opening reader for Martin Espada: University of Washington-Tacoma( May, 2010)

Opening reader for Mahogany Browne: University Of Washington- Tacoma( Feb, 2009)


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